Thursday, October 9, 2014

News from the Library

We were saddened when Muffy Keen (right, in photo) stepped down August 1 as church librarian after many years of dedicated service. Muffy did a great job of keeping the library organized and the content focused. We are fortunate, however, that Carol Maxwell (left, in photo) has agreed to take over the position in Muffy’s place. Here is Carol’s first article about what’s going on in the library.

As the new church librarian, I am wondering how many of you folks have never checked out our library. I was in awe the first time I entered it to find something relaxing to read. Never before have I seen a church library like this one. There is an absolute wealth of reading material - something for everyone. We have many books on the Bible, the Christian Church, Christian Life, World Religions, Devotions, Worship and Prayer, Grief Support, Human Relations, Biographies, and yes, we even have a fine selection of Fiction.

I especially enjoyed reading a history of the Presbyterian church here in Arizona from its very beginning. If any of you read the series of books called Left Behind, you might want to check out a book in the Christian Life section called The Rapture Exposed by Barbara Rossing. It gives a much different interpretation than that proposed by Tim LeHayes and Jerry Jenkins in the Left Behind books. If you are a native of the West or a transplanted westerner, you might enjoy reading Dan Powell, The Making of an American Cowboy by Debbie Weitzell. It is in the fiction section. However, it is more of a biography as Dan Powell actually existed and eventually became a cowboy after being orphaned at a very early age. You'll find the library sandwiched between the Fireside Room and the hallway just off the courtyard entrance to the sanctuary. Do come and have a look-see!

~Carol Maxwell, Librarian

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