Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A.S.K. – And Ye Shall Receive

“Always Serving Kindness” - A new volunteer service to be available in January

As we grow older or become physically challenged, we find that we need occasional assistance. The one who used to be there to sharpen that knife, replace that light bulb, or take you to a doctor appointment or to the pharmacy, is no longer available. We recognize this and desire to help.

Beginning in January, I will coordinate a list of volunteers for small household tasks, and providing transportation. The volunteer list is being created through December.

Beginning in January, when I call a person on the volunteer list, he or she may say “Yes” and be given the particulars for the help (name of member and what kind of help, along with the phone number). If that volunteer is not available, he or she will be called at a later date when a need arises.

WE are the ones you can call.
WE will find help for you.
WE have the skills and the desire
to serve our brothers and sisters.

Call me at (cell) 623-680-3443 as coordinator. If your needs are within our boundaries, we will contact a volunteer . Potential Volunteers: Please call me at the same phone number to indicate your availability.

~Craig McCoy

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