Friday, November 8, 2013

2012 at First Presbyterian

In January of 2012 the N.F.O.G. (New Form of Government) was published, a new Book of Order for the Presbyterian Church (USA). Rev. Davis presented the important changes to the congregation. In February the Prayer Shawl Ministry delivered 35 items to Hospice Family Care in Peoria and the Men’s Fellowship held its Souper Bowl. In March, 40 Senior Trippers visited the M.I.M., the educational and entertaining Musical Instrument Museum. University of Life began a Lenten series with guest pastors as speakers, and Carol Arseth, R.N., started a support group for the bereaved entitled “You’ve Got A Friend.” In April we shared Good Friday and Ash Wednesday services with Faith Presbyterian and Church of the Palms. Twenty-seven guests, 90 years of age or older, celebrated at their birthday tea. The Fellowship Dinner was a cookout where Connie McMillan spoke about the early history of Sun City and of Del Webb. Our “One Great Hour of Sharing” collection exceeded $3400! In May we car-pooled to the Diamondbacks game. Helen Petersen shared a library book review with us titled “I Dared to Call Him Father” about a Muslim’s encounter with God. The Korean Church, which had been renting our Chapel, purchased a church and moved. In June, we worshipped at Vacation Bible School titled “Tenting With God,” and collected $1,667.47 for Medical Teams International under the guidance of Mary Jo Conwell. Presbytery sent representatives to our Session with a method and timeline for the process and progression of installing Rev. Harrell Davis as our Pastor. In July, we watched our second matinee movie, Iron Lady. Beth Mabee began putting together a new and much improved First Presbyterian Church website on the Internet and a new church Photo Directory was planned. On September 2nd Rev. Harrell Davis was elected, by written vote, to be our installed Pastor and on September 22nd Grand Canyon Presbytery unanimously agreed.

Rev Davis writes to us:
I was born in Carson City. NV. on Sunday, March 5th, 1950. I was born at the mid-point of one century and have lived to see the turn of the next. I am one of the children of the post World War II, Baby-Boom generation. While it’s true that an enormous amount of change has taken place, some things remain the same. What has been constant through the first sixty years of my life has been God’s presence. When I saw those ads on TV featuring Phil Mickelson dreaming of playing golf before he could even walk, I was skeptical. But the more I think about it, I realize that God has been a part of my life since long before I had any vocabulary to describe it. Probably since before I could walk. Here’s how that worked. I’ve always had this “sense” that “something” was near me—hovering or standing—right next to me. A silent “partner,” yet one I could talk to and whose comfort and reassurance were always there for me when I needed them most. No one has ever had to convince me that “nothing can separate” me from the love of God. Early in my life, without even having the language to describe it, I felt it. And later, when I did my best to abuse the privilege, I learned that not even rebellion could push God away. So I hope you’ll agree that it makes perfect sense for me to be the pastor of this church. But here’s something else I’ve discovered in thirty years of ministry. It’s not me as pastor, as much as it’s the God in me, meeting the God in you that makes for connection; that makes a congregation. The privilege for me these days is serving a congregation of spiritually mature Christians whose walk with God is similar to my own. I’m very grateful for that gift.

In 2012, University of Life began a beautiful new DVD series about The Gospel of John entitled “Wisdom From Ephesus,” with Rev. Davis as our knowledgeable moderator. In November, Patrick Floyd organized the Men’s Fellowship “Meals for the Needy” as we filled 50 Thanksgiving Day food boxes, plus a turkey, for Agua Fria. The Prayer Shawl Ministry, started by Shirley McVicker, sent many boxes of knit articles to Fort Hood Texas for troops going overseas and their families staying in the States. We had a delicious turkey dinner on the 14th and Rev. Harrell Davis became our installed Pastor on November 25th. A busy December 2012 began with the High Tea on the 8th, Men’s Fellowship Breakfast on the 11th, a Christmas Lights Bus Tour on the 13th, the Cantata on the 16th, a catered Christmas Dinner on the 19th with entertainment by the “Ainos Music Group,” a talented group of young Korean musicians, and a beautiful Christmas Eve service. The first Christmas Day Potluck Dinner, organized by choir director Mary Lou Pancy and Gene Klatte, was celebrated by over 25 well-fed diners. Joining First Presbyterian in 2012 were Floyd Beyer, Judy Corrigan, Joan Steele, Nancy Davidson, Eugene Klatte, Joanne Clark, and Alison Davis.
~Donna Roth

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