Thursday, October 3, 2013

World Communion Sunday

This Sunday, October 6, is World Communion Sunday, a day on which we celebrate our oneness with others all around the world.  This prayer of unity is one of many appropriate for World Communion Sunday:

good beyond all that is good,
fair beyond all that is fair,
in you is calmness, peace, and concord.
Heal the dissensions that divide us from one another
and bring us back to a unity of love
bearing some likeness to your divine nature.
Through the embrace of love
and the bonds of godly affection,
make us one in the Spirit
by your peace which makes all things peaceful.
We ask this through the grace, mercy, and tenderness
of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

(BCW, p. 812, Dionysius of Alexandria, died 264) 

To learn more about World Communion Sunday, and the Presbyterian Church's role in establishing it, go to

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