Friday, October 11, 2013

2006 at First Presbyterian

Early in 2006, eighty church members formed into 9 groups for Bible Study to supplement the Sunday morning Bible class. Presbyterian Women reduced their number of circles to six. The Wilsons donated $115.00 to Ronald MacDonald House from the “empty can” collections.  FPC Travelers visited Barleen’s Arizona Opera, a dinner theater in Apache Junction, and in February, Taliesin West, winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright. On March 2nd the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda performed. In May, the church’s “sound committee” upgraded equipment from tapes to CDs. Carol Arseth, R.N., announced in June that the Deacons were returning the new HIPAA forms quickly. PW began collecting baby items for the New Life Center in Goodyear. In July, to the delight of diners, the World Life Zoo visited the Fellowship Dinner. Session reported that, due to tree roots, the brick courtyard in the Memorial Garden was buckling and five trees would be removed. Stephen Ministers had grown to twelve members. A two day trip to Agua Prieta Mission, near Douglas, was made by FPC Travelers in September. October 29th was a Sunday of “Old Time Religion” with hymns of the past. University of Life offered a series on “What does it mean to be a Presbyterian” taught by Rev. Zabriskie, Rev. Kehle and Dr. Barklind. December 2006 started with the High Tea on the 9th;  Men’s Fellowship invited all church ladies to breakfast on the 12th. December closed with a catered Fellowship Dinner held on the 20th. New members at First Presbyterian for 2006 were May Kent, Don and Evelyn Thompson, Jack and Judy Goss, Nancy Childress and Billie Lewis.
~Donna Roth

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