Monday, March 7, 2016

A Season of Rebirth

This Lent, the spirit of rebirth is definitely alive and well in our congregation! During the last month:
  • Charles Herr and two assistants cleared the weeds from the front of the church. Bob Sietsema paid to run an ad for the church for 8 weeks in the Daily News Sun. 
  • David Hodgson and individual members of Session pledged funds to landscape the area in front of the Chapel, with Craig McCoy volunteering the labor for the project. 
  • A donor has pledged the labor and materials to paint four rooms in the office wing, including the reception and conference areas.
These contributions—whether monetary or “sweat equity”—are helping us to gain some needed traction for forward momentum. Watch them improve morale and help attract new members!

Last year’s Capital Campaign took care of our most pressing safety and maintenance issues (paint for the exterior and Sanctuary , bathroom upgrades, new ceiling in Swain Hall, etc.), but didn’t handle the less urgent projects the congregation had asked for. Those “wish list” items include:
  • A wireless projection and sound system for Swain Hall (approximately $1200). The remaining front landscaping. 
  • A shade solution and outdoor furniture for the courtyard. 
  • An LED sign for the front of the church. 
  • Covered parking with solar panels for the handicapped parking area behind the church. 
  • Replacement gutters for the overhang above the office wing sidewalk. 
  • Continued ads in the Daily News Sun, plus in The Independent and Westbrook Village Lifestyles.
  • Regular gardening and maintenance formerly handled by the now-retired “Saturday Crew.” (Either money or labor would help here.)
This list—with any changes, including new items you suggest, plus cost estimates—will be published in every edition of The SPIRE and distributed in the bulletin on every Communion Sunday from now on.

Does one of these items speak to your heart? Then please consider a designated donation, now or in your will. Ultimately, each of us is responsible for the future of this church. Help to make it bright!

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