Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ringers Wanted

Do you LOVE you LOVE to hear your English Handbells “Great Bells of Fire Choir?”

We are looking for some new members, men and/or women, to fill our choir and utilize ALL 5 octaves of the bells that First Presbyterian church has! The requirements are that you do not need to sing, you need to be able to 6 at the most...and be able to commit to weekly practices and once a month rings for the worship service. I usually have the ring calendar out to you for at least 3 months in advance...maybe even the year!! The church was able to purchase a bunch of new music and I am very excited that they are reproductive with permission; that means you can mark your music however you need to...I can show you how!! I do NOT require if this intrigues you, come check it out!! or call me at 623.238.1811 with any question. I would love to fill the tables! God not only gives us voices, but motion to ring praises to our God through music!

For those that didn't join last year because you could not make the Wednesday afternoon practices, good news! We now practice in the Sanctuary on Thursday mornings from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Please consider joining the bell choir or/and the voice choir for wonderful fellowship and praise!

~Sherrill Tyacke, Handbell Director

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