Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In the Works

In the DVD clip that started our July 12 AI summit, Adam Hamilton said he had given his deacons digital cameras to capture the problem areas around their church campus. Bill Wentling and our Building Committee have also checked out our building and grounds (see right). As a result of their efforts, these projects have already been successfully completed:
  • A new fire/intrusion alarm system has replaced the old intrusion-only alarm, for a smaller monthly maintenance fee.
  • Problem door locks have been repaired or replaced.
  • Old A/C wiring and hard-to-use thermostats were replaced.
  • Gabe Conwell has refinished the wooden exterior doors in the courtyard.
  • The damaged sunscreens on the Agua Fria room were replaced.
  • The overgrown landscaping on the north side of the building has been removed.
  • An energy audit has been completed and the remaining inefficient light fixtures identified for future replacement.
Phase I of the future enhancements will start at the end of this month and include:
  • Exterior painting.
  • Additional plant removal and trimming, plus replanting on the north side.
  • Replacement of all toilets with taller, more efficient models.
  • Replacement of existing bathroom light switches with easier-to-use versions.
Phase II, which will probably take place next spring, will comprise interior painting (the Sanctuary, Fireside Room, Narthex, choir room, library, and adjoining spaces) and additional landscaping. And as we can, we’ll tackle the items identified on July 12, such as reconfiguring the Fireside Room and posting maps of the campus.

Our beautiful church campus shelters us, inspires us during worship, supports our mission and fellowship activities, and attracts new members to sustain the life of the congregation. These changes will ensure that God’s house will continue to serve our ministry for many years to come.

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